2018 art scholarship application


Complete the application. Fill in the required information below, then use additional paper to complete your response. All pages must be typed in size 12 font with one inch margins. Make sure your name is on each page. 

Provide samples of your work: Compile a portfolio containing12 or more samples of your work, including

             1.  Drawings: (charcoal or pencil) 

                       self portrait (can be whimsical)

                       still life



         2.  Demonstrate color theory (1 monochromatic and 1 analogous) using your favorite     medium/mediums, water color, pastels, oils      

         3.  At least 6 additional works of your choice (may include a collage)

Write a paragraph (max 300 words) citing the reasons you want to continue majoring in art and why you think you are deserving of the scholarship.

All work must be original. No tattoos, dragons, unicorns, or digital work. Send copies only; portfolios will not be returned. 

When your portfolio is complete, contact ccpw17@gmail.com to arrange to have a Pen Woman pick up your work. 

Deadline for application: March 31, 2018 

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

City:  ______________________________    State: ___________  Zip: ___________

Phone:  ________________________  Email:  _______________________________

Questions about this application and/or the scholarship should be addressed to ccpw17@gmail

Cape Canaveral Branch,National League of American Pen Women

6118 Anchor Lane, Rockledge, FL 32955