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Phone: (813) 766-0244 (cell)    e-mail: Barbara.Routen@gmail.com

This award recognizes the Florida Pen Woman who has accomplished the most in her profession in the two years ending July 1, 2019. The recognition is for professional activities for which the nominee received payment or recognition.

These accomplishments DO NOT include offices held in NLAPW at branch, state or national level or contributions to Pen Women programs. Neither do they include volunteer work for organizations, charities, fundraising programs or service clubs. They do not include travel experiences—except if on assignment for pay—or hobbies.

A candidate must have been a Pen Woman and an active member of a Florida branch or a Florida member-at-large for at least five (5) years.

Individual Pen Women, Branches and/or Candidates* may submit nominations. (*If you are submitting your own nomination, skip the first 3 lines, below.)

To nominate a member for the Individual Achievement Award:

Send two copies of a detailed summary of the nominee’s accomplishments (1,000 words maximum) and the following:

Your name ____________________________ Branch _______________________

Your address _______________________________________________________________________

Your phone number _____________________ Email _______________________________________


Nominee’s name ___________________________ Branch ____________________

Nominee’s address __________________________________________________________________

Nominee’s phone number ____________________ Email ________________________________

All entries must be received by July 26.

I certify that all information is true and that these actions/events/accomplishments occurred in the two years ending July 1, 2019.

Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ___________