Mail to: Karen Morris

455 Herron Villa Lane, Pensacola, FL 32506

email: kmacnolia@gmail.com

Who May Enter: All entries must be the original work of the competitor. Non-compliant entries will be rejected and discarded, and entry fees donated to the prize fund. If you are a member of more than one discipline (Art/Letters, Music/Letters, etc.), you may enter in those disciplines as well. No work may have received an award in any previous NLAPW competition.

Entries: Each competitor may submit only one entry in each category and may not submit the same work in any other category, but may enter as many categories as she likes except for poetry where she may submit up to three poems in the poetry categories.

Format: Submit three copies of each entry.

·       Published entries include traditionally published or self-published work. E-Books are not eligible.

·       Unpublished entries must be typed in standard font (12 pt. Times, New Roman or Garamond) and standard format (double spaced, one inch margins).  

·       Poetry should be single-spaced with one poem per page. Poems longer than one page are considered ONE entry, and therefore the fee will be $10.

·       For published books, submit the whole book. For unpublished books, submit a one-page synopsis, the first and last chapters, and a chapter from the middle of the book.

·       For unpublished full-length play/screenplays/scripts, submit a one-page synopsis and the first twenty pages and the last twenty pages of the work. Submit the entire work for one-act plays.  


(Unpublished Works)  In the upper right corner of the first page of the unpublished works, type your name, the name of the category, the title of the work, and the word count, if appropriate. Put the title of the work and the page number on each succeeding page. Label the other two copies with all the information except your name. The judges will be professionals in the discipline field and not related to any Pen Woman.

Entry Fee: $10 per entry, with one exception: three one-page poems can be submitted for $10. No cash please.  Make checks payable to FSA-NLAPW.  You may submit one check for all entries. All fees are nonrefundable. All submissions must be received by July 10. 

Awards: First, Second, and Third Place will be awarded in each category with the following exceptions: up to three Honorable Mentions will be awarded in categories with 20 or more submissions, and only a First Place and Honorable Mention will be awarded in categories with 5 or fewer submissions. No Pen Woman will be awarded more than one prize in any category.   

Mail all entries at one time in a flat envelope using First Class, Priority Mail, or any form of delivery that does NOT require a signature. Confirmation will be sent via email upon receipt. Provide a SASE if you would like your entry returned.

All entries must be received by July 26. Submissions received after the deadline will be discarded and checks donated to the prize fund.



(Each entry must have a separate form, including one for each poem.)

Please print clearly.  Do not staple this entry form to your entry.


Name:________________________ Pen Name (if applicable):_____________________


City __________________________State:_______ Zip Code______________

Telephone # (with area code): __________________Email______________________________
Title of Entry:________________________________________________________________       

First Line: ___________________________________________________________________

CATEGORIES: (Circle one) Each number below represents a separate category.  Please circle the number applicable to your entry.

FICTION (Adult or Young Adult)

1. Book - any length, including ghost written or co-authored

2. Short Story - less than 3500 words

3. Play

NON-FICTION (Adult or Young Adult)

4. Book - any length, including ghost-written or co-authored

5. Essay, Newspaper/Magazine Article  - less than 2500 words

6. Memoir


7. Traditional/Structured

8. Free Verse


9. Chapter Book -- any length, fiction or nonfiction

10. Poetry

11. Picture Book (illustrations not needed; however, if no illustrations are included, author should indicate what illustrations will show) – up to 1500 words

12.  Short Story, Essay, Magazine Article - up to 2000 words

I certify that the work(s) entered in the 2019 FSA-NLAPW Letters Competition is/are my original work(s). I understand and agree to all conditions outlined in the rules and requirements. 

Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ____________________
Branch: _______________________Fee Amount:  __________ Check #: ____________