Mail to: Dr. Joan Cartwright

300 High Point Blvd. Unit A, Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Phone (954) 740-3398 e-mail: divajc47@yahoo.com

Who May Enter: All entries must be the original work of the competitor. Non-compliant entries will be rejected and discarded, and entry fees will not be returned. If you are a member of more than one discipline (Art/Letters, Music/Letters, etc.), you may enter in those disciplines as well. No work may have received an award in any previous NLAPW competition.


·       Each competitor may submit up to three entries of any length.

·       Entries may not contain melodies, rhythmic accompaniments, harmonies, or words automatically generated by music software.

·       Each may be published or unpublished.

·       Each may consist of more than one movement.

·       Each entry must consist of one completed, signed application form, two copies of each manuscript (handwritten or computer printout) written by the composer, and two recordings of each piece on a CD. Photocopies are acceptable.

You may pick up your entries after the awards luncheon at the conference.  Submissions not collected or without return postage will be discarded.  

Labeling: Label each manuscript and recording with the title and the category ONLY. The Contest Chair will assign a number to each entry and add the number to your label. For published works, name of competitor, awards, and names of music associations may not appear on manuscript, recording or recording case. Black them out or cover with tape to make completely unreadable. 



·       Instrumental: 1-A) Instrumental score for one instrument only.

·       1-B) Instrumental score for more than one instrument. Recording may be of actual instruments or may be produced by means of computer software or by multi-tracks from electronic device that simulates characteristic tone quality each part requires.

·       Song: 2-A) Music, lyrics and harmony. Manuscript must consist of music on one stave containing a notated original melody with lyrics below. Chords indicating harmonies must appear above the stave.

·       2-B) Song score for one or more voices/choral with accompaniment or a cappella. Manuscripts must consist of original score with stave(s) for vocal parts with original lyrics or lyrics with permission from the source with other staves showing exact notation and/or instrumental accompaniment. Lyrics must be written or printed properly beneath notes they accompany on music manuscript.  If setting the text of another source permissions must be obtained along with the source of the permissions clearly indicated.

·       Experimental: 3) Experimental vocal and or instrumental techniques incorporated. Manuscripts must consist of original score with staves for vocal parts with original lyrics and other staves with exact notation of instrumental accompaniment. Lyrics must be written or printed properly beneath notes they accompany on music manuscript.

Entry Fee: $10.00 per entry or $25 (nonrefundable) for up to three entries. No cash please. Make checks payable to FSA/NLAPW.

All entries must be received by July 26, 2019.


Please print clearly.

Name: _____________________________________________


City: _________________________________________State: _____ Zip Code: _________________

Telephone #: ___________________________ Email: _____________________________________

Title of Entry #1:  _________________________________________

Category: _____________________

Title of Entry #2:  _________________________________________

Category: _____________________

Title of Entry #3:  _________________________________________

Category: _____________________

I certify that the work(s) entered in the 2019 FSA-NLAPW Music Competition is/are my original work(s).  I understand and agree to all conditions outlined in the rules and requirements. 

Signature:________________________________________  Date:__________________

Branch: _____________________________ # of Entries: _____ Check #: ____________