2021 Art Scholarship Application


Complete the application. Fill in the required information below.

Provide samples of your work: Compile a portfolio containing 12 or more samples of your art medium; drawing and painting, sculpture, jewelry making, photography, etc.

         1. Drawings and paintings to include; a self-portrait (can be whimsical), a still life, a           landscape and an animal.

         2. Demonstrate color theory (one monochromatic and one analogous) using your   favorite medium(s). 

Write a paragraph (maximum 300 words) citing the reasons you want to continue in your art medium and why you think you are deserving of a scholarship. 

All work must be original.  No tattoos, dragons, unicorns or digital works.  Send copies or photographs only; portfolios will not be returned.  Teacher signature required.  

When your application and portfolio are complete, please mail to:

                                                      2021 Scholarship
                                                      Cape Canaveral Pen Women
                                                      8935 Puerto Del Drive #202
                                                      Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

Completed application must be received on or before March 31, 2021.


Address: _______________________________________________________ 

City: ________________________________  State:_____    Zip:_______

Phone: __________________  Email:________________________________

Teacher signature:____________________________________________________

Questions about application and/or scholarship:  sbalaguero@hotmail.com