2021 FSA Biennial Virtual Conference

The Dauntless Three:

Their Vision Continues

Virtual recordings release date:

October 22, 2021


For Consideration

May 01, 2022 through April 30, 2024

Thanks to Joan Brannick (Tampa), our Nominating Chair, for bringing forth a Slate of Officers for the

term beginning May 1, 2022 through April 30, 2024. As members, you may still recommend other

names to the Slate for our October vote. Joan's committee included Nancy Beavers (Sarasota) and

Andrea Walker (Pensacola). THANKS LADIES!

Slate of Recommended Florida Executive Board Members:

President: Karen Morris  kmacnolia@yahoo.com

1st VP: Jan Schaberg  jaebscha@gmail.com

2nd VP: Janie Owens  elizabethowens800@gmail.co

Secretary: Sandy Huff  huffsandy@aol.com

Treasurer: Polly Tetrault  pollym0403@gmail.com

Named by the President:

Chaplain: Barbara Lunde  sombl@aol.com

Parliamentarian: Janie Owens  elizabethowens800@gmail.com

What Are Pen Women?

Pen Women look like other women, but we are not like other women.

We are women who express ourselves through one or more of the three creatives:

Art, Letters and Music.

Our Creative Expression is more than a pastime;

It is a profession for which we have been monetarily recognized.

Pen Women: All for one and one for all


The last year and a half has proven to be most interesting indeed.

Covid-19 forced us to reconsider our 2021 Florida State Conference,

converting it from an actual in-person conference to a virtual one. As

much as we hated doing this, the members of the Florida Executive

Board made the decision as most of our members would be considered

high-risk by leaving their homes and gathering together in a group that

would most certainly exceed ten.

Our virtual conference would cost our members $20 and non members

would pay $25.

Here are some dates:

Cutoff date for all submissions/contests: June 28th, 2021

Cutoff date for judging: August 13th, 2021.

Music Submissions: We expect to receive your recording no later

than: Sept. 15-30, 2021 - (THE SOONER THE BETTER FOR THIS!)

Annual Business Meeting via Zoom: October 16th, 2021

Specific details for our actual Virtual Conference will follow (web

addresses, logins and passwords)

Virtual Conference Registration is on the following page

*The Annual Meeting will be included in the 2021 Conference recordings.


Please print out and, including your check made payable to

FSA/NLAPW, mail to:

Caroline McKeon

10106 Courtney Oaks Circle – Unit 203

Tampa, FL 33619

Name: ____________________________________________

Branch: ___________________________________________

e-Mail Address: ____________________________________

If you do not have e-Mail:

Address: _________________________________________

City: ______________________________ Zip: _________


Contests – Rules and Entry Forms (Contact Contest Chairs with Questions)






Speakers and Workshops and Bios


Lisa Unger


Sue Lynn Cotton

Laurie Maves


Claire Massey and Karen Morris

2021 FSA All Media and Fine Art Virtual Competition

Contact Information: Tammy Seymour

629 SE 25thAve, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301

Email: tseymour53@comcast.net954-288-7972 Cell

Who: Florida State National Pen Women (members)

What: 2021 Virtual Biennial Art Competition

When: June 28th, 2021 (mail and email entries received by Midnight, June 28th, 2021)

Cost: $25 for up to 2 pieces

Awards Reception: October 22nd, 2021 via Video

Cash Awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, HM, HM (Award Monies will be calculated from entry fees, donations and

distributed less expenses.)

Who May Enter: All Entries must be the original work of the artist. Non-compliant entries will be rejected

and discarded, and entry fees will not be returned. If you are a member of more than one discipline

(Art/Letters, Music/Letters, etc.), you may enter in those disciplines as well.

Eligible Work: Open theme. 2 & 3-Dimensional Art/Photography/sculpture: Upon entering this exhibit,

you are certifying that this work is an original, not a copy of another artist’s work or violates any copyright

law and completed within the last FOUR years. ORIGINAL ARTWORK ONLY!

No work may be entered which has previously been entered in a State or National NLAPW


Entries: Each artist may submit up to two pieces of art. Each entry must consist of a completed, signed

application. The entry fee (checks only) and entry form are to be mailed. The digital jpeg image(s) are to be

sent by email to the Art Chair, tseymour53@comcast.net. (A three-dimensional work may include two digital

images of the work.) All entry images will be juried and judged. There is no size restriction as this is a

virtual show. Make sure your images are excellent quality because that is how you will be judged.

(Crop your work so only the artwork shows, no mats, frames etc.) Images should be between 1400

pixels minimum to 4000 pixels maximum (on the long side), 300 dpi. If you need help sizing your

artwork, you can go to the free website: https://pixlr.com/x/

Also, include a JPG of yourself. Should you win a prize we would like to show who won on the Video.

Labeling: In your email, please title each jpeg image. The entries will have 1) the title of the work,

2) the medium and 3) Size ONLY. Your name will not appear so the judge will not know your name.

Example: Nature_Watercolor_24x24.jpg- Please send your images by email to the Art Chair,


Additionally: If you are computer challenged, request assistance from a branch member or a young relative

to fulfill the requirements.

Entry Fee: $25 (non-refundable) for up to two entries. No cash accepted. Make checks payable to

FSA- NLAPW and mail to the Art Chair, Tammy Seymour, 629 SE 25thAve, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301

All entries (Images, application and checks) must be received by Midnight, June 28th, 2021.

2021 FSA All Media and Fine Art Virtual Competition


Contact Information: Tammy Seymour

629 SE 25th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301

Email: tseymour53@comcast.net954-288-7972 Cell

Please print clearly.

Name: Branch Address


State: ZipCode

Telephone (withareacode): Email

Title of Entry #1: _

Medium: Size:

Title of Entry #2:

Medium: Size:

I certify that the work(s) entered in the 2021 FSA-NLAPW Art Competition is/are my original work(s),

not a copy of another artist’s work or violates any copyright laws. I understand and agree to all

conditions outlined in the rules and requirements.

The submission of entries to this competition shall constitute an agreement on the part of the artist

to the terms and conditions as set forth in this prospectus. FSA reserves the rights to use

photographs for publicity and promotion.

Signature: Date:

Branch: # of Images: Check#:


2 & 3-Dimensional Art/Photography/sculpture: Upon entering this exhibit, you are certifying that this work is an

original, not a copy of another artist’s work or a copy of any photograph not taken by you, this work

has not been entered before in this annual show, this work was done by only one artist and completed


Mail Application along with $25 Check payable to FSA - NLAPW to the Art Chair,

Tammy Seymour, 629 SE 25thAve, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301

Please send your images by email to the Art Chair, tseymour53@comcast.net


Mail submissions by June 28, 2021, to: Barbara Routen

629 Timber Pond Dr., Brandon, FL 33510-2936

Questions? Email: barbara.routen@gmail.com

Eligibility: All entries must be the competitor’s original work. Noncompliant entries will be rejected;

entry fees donated to the prize fund. Not eligible: works that won awards in prior NLAPW competitions.

Entries:A competitor may enter many categories but submit only one entry percategory, except poetry,

where she may submit up to three poems. She may not submit the same work in any other category.

Format: Submit two copies of each entry. NEW FOR 2021: Send no books.

 Published entries include traditionally published, self-published or digitally published work.

 All prose entries must be typed in 12-pt. standard font (like Times New Roman), double-spaced

with one-inch margins.

 Poetry should be single-spaced, one poem per page. Poems longer than one page are one entry, and

therefore the fee will be $10.

 Short works should be typed or printed out in their entirety or photocopied, with your name covered.

 For published or unpublished books, chapbooks or e-books, submit a one-page synopsis. Send typed

copies / photocopies of up to 15 pages or three chapters that represent your best writing in the book.

 Send entire manuscript of picture books, whether published or unpublished. Pictures are not


 For published orunpublished libretti or plays, screenplays or video scripts, submit a one-page

synopsis and the first 15 pages. If your work is 15 pages or shorter, submit the entire piece without a


 For digital-domain writing, send a typed version of up to 10 pages of your podcast script, blog post,

lecture, etc. If it is not the whole work, include a brief synopsis to explain its context or purpose.

Labeling: In the upper right corner of the first page,indicate if your work is published or unpublished,

type your name, the name of the contest category, and the title of your work. Put the title of the work

and the page number on each succeeding page. Label the other copy with all the information except your

name. The judges will be professionals in the writing world and not related to any Pen Woman.

Entry Fee: $10 per entry, with one exception: three one-page poems can be submitted for $10. No cash

please. Make checks payable to FSA-NLAPW. You may submit one check for all entries. All fees are

nonrefundable. All submissions must be received by June 28.

Awards: First, Second, and Third Place will be awarded in each category with the following exceptions:

up to three Honorable Mentions will be awarded in categories with 20 or more submissions, and only a

First Place and Honorable Mention will be awarded in categories with 5 or fewer submissions. No Pen

Woman will be awarded more than one prize in any category.

Mail your check and all entries in a flat envelope using First Class, Priority Mail, or any form of

delivery that does NOT require a signature. Confirmation will be sent via email upon receipt. Send no

originals; no entries will be returned. All entries must be received by June 28. Submissions

received after the deadline will be discarded and checks donated to the prize fund.


Each entry must have a separate form, including one for each poem.

Please print clearly. Do not staple this entry form to your entry.

Name: ____________________________ Pen Name (if applicable): ____________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________

City __________________________ State: _______ Zip Code: ______________

Telephone # (with area code): __________________Email ___________________________________

Title of Entry: _______________________________________________________________________

First Line: __________________________________________________________________________

CATEGORIES: (Circle one) Each number below represents a separate category. Please circle the

number applicable to your entry.


1. Books—Novels, Novellas, E-Books

2. Short Stories, Scripts and Libretti


4. Books—Can Be Ghostwritten, Cowritten or Compilations

5. Communications: Magazine/Newspaper Articles/Stories; Content/Marketing Writing

6. Memoirs, Personal Essays and Inspirational Pieces


7. Traditional/Structured (Can Be Song Lyrics)

8. Free Verse (Can Be Song Lyrics)


9. Fiction and Nonfiction Books, Picture Books, Short Stories, Magazine Articles


10. Podcasts, Blog Posts (may include marketing blogs), Recorded Lectures

I certify that the work I entered in the 2021 FSA-NLAPW Letters Competition is my original work. I

understand and agree to all conditions outlined in the rules and requirements.

Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: ______________________

Branch: ________________________________ Fee Amount: __________ Check #: ____________

Do not staple this entry form to your entry.

Florida State Association 2021 Music Competition Guidelines

1. Instrumental Only

a. Solo Instrumental - include an mp3 file and PDF of full score with no

identifying information on the entry or mp3 except thetitle.

b. Music from small ensemble to full orchestrations - include an mp3 file and

PDF of full score with no identifying information on the entry other than the


2. Songs

a. Song - Include an mp3 file and lead sheet with lyrics, melody,

andchords with no identifying information except thetitle.

b. Song with full melody and arrangement - Include an mp3 and a copy of

the full score with lyrics with no identifying information except thetitle.

3. Original Choreography - Submit a videolink.

All submissions must be original. No entries may be generated by a device or


Submit as an MP3 file and include a PDF of the sheet music for each entry to the

email below.

DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME or any other identifying information on your score,

lead sheet, or mp3 file. Each entry will be given a number upon receipt.

Florida State Association 2021 Music Competition Guidelines

Application Form

Full Name:




City: , FL Zipcode:

Phone: cell home

Entry Title:

Entry Title:

Entry Title:

The mp3s will be shared at the awards presentation unless you inform us not to

share the work publicly. The music will only be used for contest purposes and for

sharing at the award ceremony with your permission.

Submit one piece per category

Deadline: Monday, June 28, 2021

$10 per submission

$15 for two submissions

$25 for three submissions

Send to profjoancartwright@gmail.com

Music Awards Chair

Dr. Joan Cartwright


Each Music Award category represents a different type of piece:

1. Music for a solo piece could be for piano, flute, or another solo instrument.

2. Music for larger ensembles range from duets to quartets or full orchestra.

3. There were two categories for songwriters:

a. One with the melody and chords on a leadsheet.

b. The other for a song with full melody andarrangement.

4. Experimental music for unusual instrumentation that incorporated sounds or

unusual creations of a newform.

a. For example, Sheila Firestone created a piece based on the octatonic

scale but actually used all octatonic scale level possibilities in the one

piece. The Octatonic is an eight-tone scale. It is half step, whole step,

half step, whole step by design. She used different pitches for each

development, not a new scale but a little different use of the scale.

All submissions must be original melodies. No entries may have been generated by a

device through a computer.

Submit as MP3 files with a PDF of the sheet music to my email below.

Deadline: Monday, June 28,2021

Music Awards Chair

Dr. Joan Cartwright




Mail to: Kathy Breazeale

504 Port Royal Way, Pensacola, Florida 32502

skyphotos10@gmail.com 850-434-3015

This award recognizes the Florida Pen Woman who has accomplished the most in her profession in the

two years ending June 18th, 2021. The recognition is for professional activities for which the nominee

received payment or recognition.

These accomplishments DO NOT include offices held in NLAPW at branch, state or national level, or

contributions to Pen Woman programs. Neither do they include volunteer work for organizations, charities,

fundraising programs or service clubs. They do not include travel experiences--except if on assignment for pay

or hobbies.

A candidate must have been a Pen Woman and an active member of a Florida branch or a Florida member-atlarge

for at least 5 years.

Individual Pen Women, Branches and/or Candidates* may submit nominations. (*If you are submitting your

own nomination, skip the first 3 lines below.)

Your name_________________________________ Branch_________________________________

Your address ____________________________________________________________________________

Your phone number__________________________ Email___________________________________

Nominee’s name_____________________________ Branch__________________________________

Nominee’s address________________________________________________________________________

Nominee’s phone number______________________ Email___________________________________




Signature:___________________________________ Date_________________


Mail to Mary Dall, Pen Woman of the Year Co-Chair

981 South Belfast Place,Chuluota Florida 32766

Email: marydall@bellsouth.net

The designation as FSA-NLAPW Pen Woman of the Year signifies that the recipient has given inspired direction

to her Branch and pays tribute to the Florida Pen Woman who best exemplifies the ideals and purposes of the


Each candidate must have been an active member of a Florida branch or a member-at-large for at least five


Guidelines for making this nomination are:

• Candidate has been a leader and role model, dedicating her time above and beyond duties and

responsibilities for her Branch.

• Has held office(s) or served as committee chair(s) and made invaluable contributions to Pen Women

programs at National, State or Branch levels

Has participated as a volunteer for community service and/or nonprofit organization events and


Nominations may be submitted by individual Pen Women or Branches.

To gather the necessary information, you may need to request the information from the nominee.

To nominate a member for the Pen Woman of the Year Award send:

• A detailed summary of the nominee’s accomplishments (1000 words maximum)

• A detailed resume (1000 words maximum)

• A statement of no more than 150 words as to why the nominee should be considered for the


Submissions must be sent electronically in Word, 12 pt. using a common font. (Helvetica, Times

New Roman, etc.) no script or cursive. You will receive a confirmation the entry has been received.

Include the following:

Your name________________________________________ Branch__________________________

Your Address________________________________________________________________________

Your Phone number___________________ Email_______________________________________

Nominee’s name____________________________________ Branch__________________________

Nominee’s address___________________________________________________________________

Nominee’s phone number_______________ Email_______________________________________


I certify that all information submitted is true.

Signature:___________________________ Date_____________


Lisa Unger’s critically acclaimed books have been named on “Best Book” lists from the Today show, Good Morning
, Entertainment Weekly, People, Amazon, Goodreads, and many others. She has been nominated for, or won, numerous awards including the Hammett Prize, Macavity, Thrill er Award, and Goodreads Choice. In 2019, she received two Edgar Award
nominations, an honor held by only a few authors, inclu ding Agatha Christie. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR , and Travel + Leisure. She lives on the west coast of Fl orida with her family.

Lisa Unger is a New York Times and internationall y bestsell ing author. With books publ ished in twenty-eight languages and
millions of copies sold worldwide, she is widely regarded as a master of suspense. Her latest release is Confessions on the 7:45.


Workshop: (Find Freedom in a Brush)

“How large-scale intuitive painting can help one “find freedom in a brush.” Laurie Maves Guglielmi presents her background as an artist and art therapist and will discuss her method of “BE FREE” painting classes: examining how art as therapy via painting can help reduce stress, encourage playfulness, while providing insights on life change and metaphors for personal narratives.

Laurie Maves (Guglielmi), MAAT (Master of Art in Art Therapy) has been a working artist and Art Therapist for nearly 25 years. In 2017, she and her husband, Ralph Guglielmi, relocated to the Sun Coast of Sarasota,

Florida, from Denver, Colorado. As a professional artist, she works directly with local interior designers to create and provide large scale custom abstract contemporary paintings for residences and commercial spaces.

As an Art Therapist, she works with individual clients as well as facilitates abstract painting classes and workshops with her “BE FREE” method, which encourages an open and intuitive approach to art making.

**Laurie is a new member in 2021 to the Sarasota, Florida branch.


Sue Lynn Cotton has worked as a self-sustaining artist for 45 years. Her earliest

memories are of drawing her animals and making art with anything she could find. Art

supplies were not available until she grew up. At that point she took an illustration class

and began drawing shoes and designing ads for stores and shoe companies. During

this period, she became a commercial artist. Her work evolved into book design and

illustration and finally fine art without the help of an art degree or art classes as a child.

Through workshops and art books she has become a prolific, award-winning artist who

paints every subject with light and emotion. She believes strongly in taking classes;

therefore, she shares her knowledge through teaching watercolor classes to anyone

who wants to get in touch with their creative side.

She began illustrating children’s books 22 years ago and has illustrated over 45 colorful,

imaginative books written by authors all over the world.

Her paintings have been published in magazines and books and are in collections

around the world. See more of her work on her website:



So you want to be an artist…

• Art Degree

• Natural Talent

• Desire to succeed as an artist

Of these three things which do you think would be the most important element in succeeding

in the art world? A deep desire to succeed in an art career is by far the most important.

Natural talent is important, too, if you find yourself without access to art lessons as a child. And

art degrees are expensive and not always within reach if you simply don’t have the funds to pay

for art school.

So here is my story of how I became a self-supporting artist for 45 years with tremendous

desire but no access to art tools and lessons at an early age or an art degree as an adult. You

can make it happen! Here is my story.

• Starting out with dreams and realities.

• Finding ways to get what I needed one piece at a time.

• Always making sure that I gave my best, met deadlines and didn’t disappoint clients.

• Developing new ways to move forward, adjust for circumstances, and take advantage of


• Enjoying the process and celebrating everyday of being an artist as a occupation.


Writing with Precision and Power: Exploring Short Forms of “Prose”

Claire Massey and Karen Morris, Presenters

Oxymoron, anyone? That may be your first thought when you hear the phrase Prose Poetry, a

form that you may be seeing more and more as you explore poetry journals and look for places to

submit your work. In this workshop, you will be introduced to this genre, and several examples will be


Opportunities to publish shorter prose works are also proliferating. Compression is key when

writing flash forms of fiction and creative nonfiction. In the second half of this workshop, examples that

employ the art of economy will be discussed. You will receive tips for writing in a tight space and for

achieving impact in a thousand words or less.

Handouts will be sent as part of the registration packet, which you can download and print.

Follow-up writing activities will be provided as well as the opportunity to share your efforts with other

workshop participants if you choose.

Claire Massey studied creative writing at the University of Tennessee and through University of Iowa Guided

Correspondence. Her prose and poetry have appeared in over twenty literary journals. A member in Letters, she is currently

Poet Laureate for the Pensacola branch. She is Prose Manager for the 2021 edition of The Emerald Coast Review. In 2019, her

free verse poetry and memoir won awards from the Florida State Association of NLAPW.

Karen McAferty Morris, a Letters member of the Pensacola Branch, has served as Poetry Editor for The Pen Woman

magazine for the past three years. Her chapbooks Elemental and Confluence won first place in Poetry in the past two Vinnie

Ream competitions, and second place and third place overall in Letters, respectively. In 2017 she won first place in the Board

Award of the NFSPS’s annual contest. She was FSA’s Letters Contest Chair in 2019, and is its current President