Anne Bonner: Tribute to Trey

On May 25, 2017, Anne lost her beloved son Trey, who died suddenly in his sleep at the age of 50. To help assuage her grief, Anne composed these two beautiful poems.

Trey Bonner



July 23, 1966 - May 25, 2017

I remember your birth at Perrin Air Force
Base, Sherman, TX, fifty years ago
ten years after Brad, eight years after sister, Stacy
I remember your baptism, Bonnie and
Bucky, of Athens, GA, your Godparents

I remember Dad flying off to Vietnam, we lived in
Rockledge, FL to be near Grandpa and Granny
never dreaming you’d be an attorney like Grandpa 
I remember your jumping out of my arms 
over the high wire fence at the Orlando, FL 
Airport. Luckily Dad saw you coming, dropped
his bags, catching you, no longer wondering
if you would remember

I remember Filipinos, young and old
reaching out to touch your beautiful
blonde curls. I remember an enthralled
Filipino boy hiding in the bushes watching
you, as a toddler, play on the porch at Bagio

I remember your antics with your cohorts 
on the school bus and the driver stopping at
Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii’s gate, calling
Col. Dad away from an important meeting
I remember your making Eagle Scout at 13
and your camping trips, Camp Pupukea your favorite

I remember Dad’s retiring and your graduation
from Satellite Beach, FL’s middle and high schools
and how many friends you have this day
A Celebration of Life will be held at the Tides on
your birthday, having died suddenly in your sleep 
buried next to Dad in Oconee Hill Cemetery, Athens, GA

I remember your graduation from FSU
and what an avid Seminole fan you continued to be
I remember Atlanta’s John Marshall School of Law
your passing the Georgia Bar and making Atlanta home
I remember your beautiful trophy Lawyer of
Distinction, and LifeBrite Laboratories in Atlanta
declaring annual “Trey Day,” Vinings UM Church 
and Rev. Dr. Cook, author of
Redeeming the Wounded
honoring you in congregational prayer for legal work
you provided to those who lost loved ones to homicide
I remember how much you loved your “flamly”
continuing to do so when grown, and heartily
embracing your adopted brother, Shaun
I remember your loving spirit and kind heart
       You’ll always be with me, my son
       never forgetting to remember
   May you rest in eternal peace with God

                                                                  Anne Bonner