The thin blue line

Donna Puglisi presented her poem, The Thin Blue Line, to Sheriff Wayne Ivey at a reception in his office on December 13, 207. A copy of the poem is now posted on the wall of the sheriff’s office, and the poem will be included in Christmas cards sent out to all law officers in Brevard County. Donna will also receive her own official personalized “dog tag” that every police offficer wears with pride.

There is a fine line between good and evil.

I am that fine Thin Blue Line.


I am the Thin Blue Line between chaos and unrest,

Safe harbor in a storm,

This is what I do best.

The beam of light shining in a sea of black

for my brothers and sisters who will never come back.


Like dominoes, if one goes down, so do we all,

Together, united, we’re strong;

Order out of anarchy,

Separating right from wrong.


I am the Blue Badge of Courage,

Wearing my heart on my sleeve;

Faith and commitment are what I believe.

Respect those every day heroes you see on the street,

Defenders of law and justice,

No surrender, no defeat.


I am the Thin Blue Line,

Bleeding red, white and blue;

Forever the Watcher,

Forever protecting you.